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With many years of experience in the field of enteral nutrition, our focus is on developing and manufacturing enteral application devices and accessories. In addition to our own product portfolio, we design and develop individual products in collaboration with our customers, considering all technical and regulatory aspects – from the first stage of development to the CE-marked marketable product.

danumed products are equipped with ENFit® connectors. ENFit® is the safety standard for enteral nutrition and was established to prevent misconnections. You can find more information about ENFit® at

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danuButton Gastrostomy Button

The danuButton is a high-quality low-profile gastrostomy tube made of medical-grade silicone, for use with completely healed stoma. Easily concealed under clothing, the danuButton is highly appreciated by mobile patients.

The danuButton is delivered in the danuButton Compact Set or in the danuButton Premium Set. Both Sets come with extensive ENFit® accessories to enable an easy and comfortable replacement of the gastrostomy tube.

  • Innovative, high-quality gastrostomy button for more quality of life of mobile patients
  • Large selection of sizes and lengths for the individual and perfect fit
  • Premium product features enable best patient comfort and highest patient safety
Buttons mit Ball danumed

danumed Extension Set for Gastrostomy Button

The danumed Extension Set is designed for enteral feeding, medication and gastric decompression in combination with a gastrostomy button. Innovative features optimize the flow rate and simplify the handling for the caregiver.

  • With innovative rotating connector ENSwivel – avoids any twisting of the enteral tube
  • With shape-optimised button connector
  • With ENFit® connectors in various version
  • Available in different versions and lengths
  • Usage up to 14 days
Verlängerungsset danumed

danumed GastroTube

The danumed GastroTube is a sterile replacement gastrostomy tube made of high-quality medical-grade silicone, designed for long-term enteral nutrition. The gastrostomy probe has an inflatable retention balloon and a soft, adjustable external locking disc for safe placement.

Outstanding product features offer highest patient safety and best comfort in application and handling. Available with one or two ENFit® connectors and in different sizes.

Gastrotube danumed

danumed StomaMeter

The danumed StomaMeter is a stoma measuring device for accurate determination of the stoma length and selection of the perfectly fitting gastrostomy button.

  • With retention balloon
  • Non-slip retention plate
  • Convenient accessories in each package: Lubricant and balloon syringe 10ml
StomaMeter danumed

danumed StomaStop

Stoma Stopper made from medical-grade silicone, that maintains the patency of the stoma and reduces the risk of stoma stenosis.

  • Extensive selection of sizes and lengths to best fit the patient’s individual stoma size
  • Soft, flexible silicone for best patient comfort
  • Convenient accessories in each package: Lubricant and plaster
StomaStop danumed

danumed Enteral Single-Use Syringes and Accessories

The danumed Enteral Syringes, Single Use, with female ENFit® connector are specially designed to meet the needs of enteral nutrition. For administration of enteral feeds, medicines, fluids, for decompression and flushing.

  • An extensive range of sizes from 1ml to 100ml allows safe use in neonates, children and adults.
  • Small syringes are available with a low dose tip.
  • A wide range of accessories completes the range, e.g. danumed Syringe Caps (one size fits all) and danumed Enteral Straws in various sizes/lengths.
Spritzen Low Dose-Ansatz danumed

danumed Gravity Spike / danumed Gravity Universal

Gravity Feeding Sets for the administration of enteral nutrition

danumed Gravity Spike: with ENPlus Spike for pre-filled feeding bags and the danumed FeedBags

danumed Gravity Universal: with ENPlus Spike and additional universal adapter for flexible connection to pre-filled feeding bags, danumed FeedBags as well as crown caps and wide-neck bottles.

  • With ENFit® connectors on the probe side and on the three-way valve
  • Large inner lumen ensures good flow rate, even of high-calorie, high-fiber tube feeds
  • Three-way stopcock for easy and comfortable administration of medication
  • Application time up to 24 hours
Überleitsystem mit Adapter danumed

danumed FeedBag / danumed FeedBag Premium

Empty Bag for enteral nutrition and fluid balancing

  • Large filling volume of 1.5 litres
  • For connection to danumed Gravity Sets and all other commercially available gravity feeding sets
  • Available in high-quality, economical version and in premium EVA version
FeedBag danumed

If you have any questions about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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