An innovative product change that makes the life of patients and users of enteral application devices so much easier!

At danumed Medizintechnik GmbH, our unwavering goal is to continuously enhance the safety and comfort of our enteral products for patients. With the introduction of the ENSwivel® connector, we’ve made significant strides towards this objective.

The ENSwivel® is an ENFit® connector featuring a rotating ring, designed for effortless connection and disconnection of ENFit® devices. With just a simple “Two-Finger-Turn”, the ENSwivel® allows for effortless, tight, and secure ENFit® connections on all danumed® Extension Sets, GastroTubes and Stopcocks. Simple, fast, comfortable.

The ENSwivel® also allows for the easy release of even the tightest connections, and prevents twisting of the enteral tubes, to improve patient comfort and facilitate user handling.