ENSwivel® – An innovative product change that makes the life of patients and users of enteral application devices so much easier!

danumed Medizintechnik GmbH always pursues the goal of permanently improving its own enteral products in terms of patient safety and comfort. With the introduction of the ENSwivel® connector, this goal has once again been achieved.

ENSwivel® stands for an ENFit® connector with a rotating ring, which allows for effortless connection and disconnection of ENFit® devices. Even very tight connections can be easily released. This feature avoids any twisting of the enteral tube which is both painful for the patient and inconvenient for the user.

All danumed products are equipped with ENFit® connectors, and many of them already offer the advantages of the ENSwivel® connector, e.g. all danumed® extension sets with ENFit®, Y-ENFit® and Bolus ENFit®.